Below are the most common questions we are asked, but please do contact us with any other questions you have as we would love to serve you:

How do I know we will be satisfied with the cleaning service ?

We take responsibility for your cleaning needs.

1. We would love to introduce you to our existing clients so they can tell you how they love our service. They enjoy that we periodically check sites as agreed and as we have over 200 cleaners,  if they are not happy, we can change their cleaner.

We take great pride in our work and would love it if you would like to come to our office and see how we do everything.

2. We  vet cleaners very thoroughly before they can join us, they must have 2 references which we carefully check, proof of address and permission to work in the UK. After this they go through our written and verbal English test, following by the practical, oral and written cleaning tests.

Only 1 in 60 applicants past this as we ensure that only the best cleaners represent Alex Best Cleaning.

3. Our training courses are very thorough and not only must cleaners sit the course and pass the test at the end of it, we also regularly update all cleaner’s traning, again we would love it if you would like to come to one of our training courses. Our training is based on both the NVQ and our experiences and feedback of what clients would like to be in it.

4. Our management is second to none, with full written performance appraisals for each cleaner and a bonus system that ensures they are incentivised to perform. These are always available for clients to view so they can add their opinions to the quality management and ensure their exact needs are met.

5. All clients receive a specification before we start which is derived from what they request and what recommendations from us they accept. Included in this is how we will manage the contract by visiting sites and how we will ensure their needs are met.

What about legislative compliance such as Health and Safety and Employment Law ?

We take responsibility for all legislative requirements.

Health and Safety: We carry out all procedures such as regular health and safety cleaner training and exams, health and safety audits and provide all the documentation for your cleaning materials cupboard to ensure you are completely covered for all your cleaning needs.

Employment law: We employ and insure the cleaners for you and are responsible for employment law.  We are very careful to ensure that we comply with all employment law to ensure that not only are we fair on the cleaner but they are also accountable for their performance which are notarised with written assessments of each cleaner’s performance.

What about TUPE ?

Simply tell us the details of your previous cleaning supplier, or cleaner(s) you employ directly and we will sort this all out for you.

We give them all the training and help needed for them to excel and we hope they will a great job for you, but they must meet the standards needed to stay working with us and we give them periodic written feedback on how they are doing at each stage. This means that they can see how they are doing and also that we are fully complying with employment law.

We also ensure that that we are also complying with the host of other legislative requirements so you can focus on your business and not be concerned about your cleaning needs.

We are also totally transparent and love it when clients see how we operate as we take great pride in our work.

What do the prices include ?

All quotes include everything needed for us to take full responsibility for your cleaning needs. This includes the careful screening, vetting, training, supervision and management of all cleaners.

We also have superb cleaners to cover your regular cleaner(s) should they go sick or on their holidays.

We can provide all the equipment and materials the cleaner needs to clean and are also delighted to provide the other consumables needed for your staff to clean themselves from our carefully selected range of toilet rolls, soaps and so on.

Which areas do you cover ?

We serve all London areas within the M25.

What sizes of premises to you clean ?

We can clean all types of premises from 500 to 100 000 square feet.