Our office and commercial cleaning service  Performance Measurement Quality Controls work alongside our first class cleaner vetting, training, instruction and management.

They ensure that people who do great work are recognised and any problems are quickly noticed and promptly resolved.

We would love to show our systems if you are thinking of hiring us.

Existing customers can also view them for all the cleaners that are serving them as well to ensure we are totaly transparent and accountable.

Regular Cleaner Assessments: These  360 degree reviews focus on all aspects  of performance from our regular random cleaner inspection visits and feedback and requests from our regular contact with customers.  These assessments enable us to consistently provide a great service:

  • Cleaners get a bonus when customers are served well and this is a huge incentive for them to perform to the best of their ability.
  • Cleaners know how they are performing, both what they are doing well and where they can improve.
  • If a cleaner is not meeting the necessary standards, these assessments ensure that our disciplinary actions are effective, but still completely fair and fully adhere to employment laws.
  • They help us to quickly find out if anything is not up to standard and promptly respond.

We also assess supervisors and managers in the same way as the cleaners, although they are assessed on the assessment performance of the cleaners they are managing, as well as the direct assessments from their own managers.

Customer Feedback: We regularly contact customers for candid feedback, it is really important to us that customers feel comfortable to tell us anything they need, no matter how small it is.  We also regularly contact customers to find out if there is anything to ensure that they are as satisfied as possible.

If there are any issues we love to find out about them quickly so we can sort them out promptly.

The results from customer feedback are also important for the cleaner assessments, as a result we ask if we can have a regular customer contact so that the assessment procedure is completely fair for cleaners, especially due to our bonus system.